mercredi 6 janvier 2010

Enileda Love Hunt Application

This is the application for vendors for the Second Life Enileda Hunt going on from Feb 1st to Feb 15th.

THE RULES are simple. Please make an item that is a Valentine Gift! The ideal would be a gift for men and a gift for women or a unisex one!

If you are accepted as a vendor you will receive a poster for your store and also the E from Enileda. This is to be used to place your prize in.
PARTICIPATING VENDORS: You will receive a list of the stores on Januart 20th, stating your number and what you should name your present, etc. A list of participating stores will also be available here, along with links. On January 25th, I will do a walk through of each store, to make sure posters are out.

We EXPECT all prizes to be out by the 31th of January. This gives you guys PLENTY of time to make your present :)

Alright, now that that fun stuff is over, here's the application!

ALSO I will STOP accepting applications on January 20TH.

NOTE: I will be screening stores AND gifts for quality!

Store name:

Store owner:

Slurl or landmark:

What do you sell?

Why do you want to join the hunt?

Thank you for filling this out. Now all you have to do is return it to Enileda1978 Tomorrow.

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